Terms Of Use


The minimum rental is 24 hours and any excess hour beyond the 2 hours grace period will be chargeable for additional day.


If the CDW has not been purchased by the renter at the time of rental, client will be responsible for the payment of minimum 500/- AED (if police report has been provided), if not any damage or repair costs to the rented vehicle, client will be responsible for all the cost which cannot be recovered by the third party.

Terms of payment: Daily/Weekly rental

The traffic fine and salik guarantee is pre authorized @ 1,000/-AED & 100/-AED respectively from the major credit card , as well as the estimated cost of rental and insurance charges and the pre authorized amount for rental will be purchased at the closure of the contract.

Monthly Rental

The traffic fine and salik guarantee are pre authorized @ 1,000/-AED & 100/-AED respectively from the major credit card and payment to be taken for the first month of rental. Upon closure of contract the pre authorized amount for traffic fine and salik guarantee should be renewed.

Driving License

All UAE resident drivers must hold a UAE driving license. For Visitors they should have international driving license issued from the renter’s country of origin. National license allowed for visitors only for some countries as per the law of UAE traffic department rental procedures.

Additional driver

One additional driver can be accepted subject to Al Ghazal terms and conditions with free of charge.

Delivery & Collection

Cars may be collected / delivered free of charge within normal office hours @ 08:00 - 19:00 Saturday to Thursday and within the city limits.

One way rentals

There will be delivery/collection charges of 100/-AED to 300/-AED outside Abu Dhabi City limits.


We are not charging 50% surcharge during Fridays and public Holidays.

Non Smoking

All Vehicles are non smoking

Al Ghazal Rent A Car Terms & Conditions:


  • All our rates are in UAE Dirhams.
  • Our rates include Unlimited Mileage.

2.Driving License

  • All UAE residents must have a valid UAE driving license.
  • For Non UAE residents (tourist /transit visa) only International Driving License is accepted (issued from the same country).
  • National Driving License can be accepted for the below listed countries having same nationality and currently on visit/transit visa.
Britain USA France Japan Finland
Holland Switzerland Denmark South Africa German
Sweden Greece Australia Austria Ireland
Norway New Zealand Turkey Canada Poland
Romania Belgium Italy Spain Korea
  • For GCC nationals & residents; GCC national driving license is acceptable.


  • Clear Passport copy must be provided (first page and stamp/visa page) except for Abu Dhabi issued driving license.

4.Valid Credit Card

  • For Daily & Weekly Contracts: three (3) separate pre-auths must be taken at the time of opening the agreement: 1) estimated amount to cover the rental period (which will be used for charging the customer upon closing the contract), 2) Amount of 1,000/-aed for traffic fine guarantee, 3) Amount of 100/-aed for salik guarantee.
  • For Monthly Contracts: two (2) separate pre-auths must be taken upon opening of agreement: 1) Amount of 1,000/-aed for traffic fine guarantee, 2) Amount of 100/-aed for salik guarantee. One month rental must be taken (as an advance payment) at the time of opening the agreement.
  • Clear credit card copy must be provided.
  • Electronic / Debit Cards are not acceptable.
  • Validity of Credit card must be of minimum 3 months at the time of reservation.

5.Method of Payment

  • For Daily & Weekly Contracts: Customers can opt to pay via cash/debit cards at the end of the rental period at Al Ghazal Office or Al Ghazal will use the blocked amount for rental charges which was pre-authorized upon opening the agreement.
  • For Monthly Contracts: Customers can opt to pay via cash/debit cards at the beginning of the contract at Al Ghazal Office. Please note for monthly payments: we are accepting cash, current dated cheque, electronic/debit cards, major credit card (MASTER & VISA) or Corporate LPO, as method of payment. LPOs are accepted from companies who are already registered locally with Al Ghazal Transport.

6.Insurance Coverages

The vehicles are comprehensively insured including third party liability insurance. Clients are advised that in the event of theft/accident and /or damage to the rented vehicle, they must obtain and produce a valid Police Report as per UAE law. All claims are subject UAE court verdict.
The clients are being advised that as per UAE laws, it is prohibitive to drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substance and therefore all costs including any third party, resulting from a damage or accident due to the influence of alcohol, drug or intoxicating substance will be to the clients account. In such instance, all insurance will stand void.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

  The client will be responsible for an insurance excess of AED 500.00 for each faulty Accident / Damage and AED 250.00 for each unknown accident only upon providing the police report. If police report has not been provided, the client is responsible to pay an estimated repair charges. In all cases of accidents/damages, a police report must be obtained by contacting the local authorities, in order to claim the insurance.
Insurance excess of AED 500.00 for faulty accident and AED 250.00 for unknown accident is not applicable if CDW is being purchased with the provision of Police report.

Oman Insurance 

Vehicles are allowed to be driven out of United Arab Emirates only to Oman (for corporate clients only) with prior approval and legal documents. Entry will be for maximum of 7 days per visit and AED 500.00 will be charged. Advance notification of three (3) days is required to ensure that the documents are arranged. Insurance papers allowing travel to Oman will be handed over to the customer before the travel date/time.

7.Delivery & Collection

  • Delivery & Collection services are available on request subject to driver and vehicle availability. Within the city limits & Mussaffah, service will be provided Free of Charge on normal office hours 08:00 to 19:00, except on Fridays. A delivery & collection charge of AED 100.00 to AED 300.00 will apply outside Abu Dhabi Island & Mussaffah based on distance. Delivery & Collection reservation can also be made via phone call @ +971 2 634 2200 or email @ / .

8.Additional Driver

  • Al Ghazal will accept only One additional driver with free of charge upon clients request. However any additional driver above one will be charged AED. 75.00 per month.

9.Repairs & Maintenance

  • All repairs and maintenance will be carried out only at Al Ghazal workshop.

10.Rental Period Calculation

  • The Daily/Weekly Rentals are calculated on 24-hour basis with a maximum of 2 hours grace period. If the client extends / delayed more than 2 hours, an additional day rental will be charged.
  • Monthly rentals are calculated on calendar day’s method. If the client returns the vehicle before the completion of the first month, a minimum of full month rental will be charged. However if from second month, pro-rata rate will be applied.

11.Fuel Charges

  • Fuel is not included in the rates. The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as it was at the point of pick up. If the renter returned the vehicle with a less fuel, fuel charges will apply.

12.Traffic Fine & Toll Gate Charges

  • Traffic violations will be charged at the actual fine amount with a surcharge of AED 10 for every traffic fine occurred
  • SAAED Accident Reporting fee will be charged to the client as below:
    Faulty Accident – actual report fee with a surcharge of AED 10 for every faulty accident reported.
    Unknown Accident - actual report fee with a surcharge of AED 10 for every unknown accident reported.
  • Toll Gate Charges are charged at actual amount with a surcharge of AED. 1.00 per every crossing.

13.Baby/Child Seat

  • Baby / Child seats are available at Al Ghazal Rental office at an additional cost of AED 25 per day, AED 75 per week and AED 150 for monthly basis. Prior reservations are required.


  • GPS are available at Al Ghazal rental office at an additional cost of AED 75 per day, AED 150 per week and AED 350 per month. Prior reservations are required.

15.Restricted Areas

  • Vehicles are not allowed to be driven off road or into the dessert. In case of any violations, insurance will not be covered and any charges will @ the renter’s responsibility.
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